Pioneer4You iPV V3-Mini Pod Device

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Pioneer4You iPV V3-Mini Pod Device

This device features a convenient auto-squonking system the keeps your atomizer filled with e-juice. Accommodates regular e-juice and nicotine salt e-juice vaping. 

The iPV V3-Mini is a sophisticated and beautiful pod device that features unique colorways and body designs, along with a modern auto-squonking system (YiHi ESS) integrated into the device.  

The YiHi Electronic Spray Squonk technology supports an auto bottom-feeding e-juice delivery system. 

This device is powered by the YiHi SX635J chipset, which provides the device with a fully equipped user control suite that features Temperature Control, Adjustable Wattage Modes, and more. 

The iPV V3-Mini utilizes a 1400mAh rechargeable internal battery. 

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Pioneer4You iPV Elf ADA

Features and Specifications:

  • 1400mAh rechargeable internal battery
  • 2 adjustable wattage modes: P1 & P2
  • YiHi SX635J chipset
  • Temperature Control Mode
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • 3.5mL e-juice capacity
  • YiHi ESS Driver Technology
  • Original ADA Atomizer Core

Package Includes:

1x iPV V3-Mini Pod Device
1x ELF ADA Atomizer
1x E-Liquid Cartridge 
1x Micro USB Cable
1x User Manual

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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